2015 Root Crops (end of season notes)

Beets: uneven timing, though all eventually produced nice beets, but bad leaf miner early in the season & some diseased leaves (rust?), plant radishes afterward next year

Jerusalem Artichokes: good harvest, though hit with aphids & mildew, move next year

Potatoes: all varieties did fine, Purple Vikings rule

Radishes: early crops did fine - might be better in main beds, late crops did poorly due to lack of sun, try planting earlier or in main beds

Sweet Potatoes: black plastic technique not great, all 3 varieties produced good vines, lost 2 Georgia Jet plants – replaced with Beauregard slips, yields of 3/plant not great, try using black plastic to warm soil – then remove

Salad Turnips: early seeding in perimeter beds had lots of root damage, plant in main beds only. Late seedings should have been planted a little earlier and thinned better

Turnips: did well, needed to be thinned better