2017 Alliums (end of season notes)

Garlic: very good, do again
Leeks: very good, do again
Onions: sets did well, seed varieties did great, but lost a few Walla Wallas to rot, start picking them earlier
Scallions: did well, try broadcasting for higher yield or give more real estate, thin assiduously
Shallots: very good, do again
Walking Onions: did well, don’t forget to replant bulblets next year without Melissa

2016 Alliums (end of season notes)

2016 alliums image
Garlic: best ever (see journal post)!
Leeks: did well, despite drought
Onions: less impressive than 2015 (due to drought?) – try mid-season feeding, more compost, increased spacing? Sets did well
Scallions: bad year, poor germination on both plantings – try more vigorous variety? try switching location with Shallots? add nitrogen fertilizer?
Shallots: plants from seed did better than sets – try 2 seed varieties?
Walking Onions: 2nd planting of bulblets did well (1st planting mostly failed), harvest of previous year’s plants tasty

2015 Alliums (end of season notes)

Garlic: mostly produced small heads, planted too early in 2014, new varieties planted 10/31 this year

Leeks: another excellent year!

Onions: our best year yet
From Sets: did well, yellow more productive and popular than red and white varieties
From seeds: awesome! grow same varieties next year

Scallions: broadcasting worked, a bit difficult to harvest, try creating shallow trough and distribute seed @ every ½ inch then cover and tamp bed – or – plant @ ¼ inch apart in short drills @ 1-2 inches apart

Shallots: did well in both locations

2014 Alliums (end of season notes)

Garlic: harvest & varieties good, planted slightly less & closer together in fall
Leeks: excellent variety, spacing and hilling good – start all seed @ March 7
Onions: sets were excellent, seeds better than plants, red better than yellow – start seed @ March 7, try new yellow variety?
Scallions: broadcast early in onion bed (not with tomatoes)
Shallots: did fine with sets around tomatoes

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