2013 Flowers, Grains, etc. (end of season notes)

Okra: attractive plants, good okra – research germination anomalies, warm soil before planting?
Sunflowers: did well this year – grow same variety next year?
Three Sisters bed:  better than last year, but the squash plants needed more sun, and the beans pulled the corn over – move the corn & beans to the center of the bed with the squash around the outside, plant squash same time as other squashes, plant beans 1 week later next year.

Sunflowers' progress

SunflowersWe planted sunflower seeds on April 24, Russian Mammoth from Seeds of Change. After waiting a few weeks, the germination looked weak, so I planted more seeds on May 14. Now in both sunflower patches, we have two big 5-week old plants, and a bunch of 2-week old seedlings. I think I'll thin them down to two of each and see what happens. Time to bloom is around 110 days, so we can look forward to seeing them in bloom around mid-August.

Sunflowers made the cut in our "all vegetable" garden because the seeds are, after all, edible and delicious. More than likely though, the birds will get them all. No problem - birds eat the bad bugs, too. We like birds.

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