Crowded garden

I opened the garden this afternoon for about an hour.

First I gave a tour to my neighbor and her daughter, who were walking their large but sweet dog.

Then I went and invited the people at the playground to come see the garden. They didn't come for a while so I sat and tried to draw the Thai Dragon peppers, but I need a color pencil to fill in! So many — perhaps we should give a few away!

Then all these families came, a number of grandmothers/mothers and children, and at one point there must have been 10 children and almost as many adults roaming the garden!

I carried on lots of conversations, telling the kids how flowers turned to fruits, etc. The eggplant! I explained the Three Sisters bed.  I talked about the squash borers and the hornworms. I showed our new plantings — the spinach seedlings were showing just a little green! I untied the cauliflower to show them, and pointed out the mini cabbages.

One boy had a few cherry tomatoes. One little girl wanted a glass of water so I poured same with the hose, and then sprayed her and her brother and her mother and her grandmother, a retired California school principal in the very town my wife's brother lives (Richmond)!

The little girl and the boy liked the spray, mother too (it was hot). OK, I didn't really spray the grandmother.

One boy was quite impressed with all our basil.

Fans young and old

I opened up the garden today to entertain quite a number of visitors. Three adults were much impressed with our potato plantation, never having seen blossoming potatoes! We're educational for adults as well as children. I wish I'd had a camera for a sturdy 3-year-old fingering a squash leaf attended by a smaller one looking on. I fed the two some peas from a pod, and when the mother asked the 3-year-old to say "thank you," he said "more" instead. Two other older children, Korean, decided to keep the peas to plant them as their peas hadn't come up.

Sunday visits

Yesterday, I opened the garden from about 2-5. Perhaps a dozen families, maybe 15 or 16 even, visited, expressing a lot of admiration. We are really looking pretty sharp, not a weed to be seen! Thanks Michael (and others)! My routine is to walk up to the playground and invite people down. A few families come on their own, or are walking by. Some were interested enough that I invited them to come by Saturday when everyone is there. A number took cards, and I gave out some peas here and there.

Slow day at the farm

Not too many visitors in the gray and raw day Wednesday. Steven and I talked to several interested people though.

Did I relate we had a Hungarian woman and child Tuesday, who thought of joining us, but then had too much on her plate?

I forgot to mention an Oriole was in our garden the other day! Usually I only see the English Sparrows -- what are they into?? Steven saw the Oriole too on the fence!

A good omen I think.

Brassica backers

I talked to quite a few parents and children over the two-and-a-half hours I was there today. I gave out veggie school cards, for which I noted quite a bit of interest.

People seemed especially impressed with the broccoli and cauliflower, and I even had some radish backers when I complained of our excess. What do we think of pickled radish?

Or pole beans? We've some extra seeds. I am thinking we could plant a few in a corner and put in a bamboo for it to climb to the sky.

When we pull the radishes, how about if we replace them with turnips? They grow fast and are very good when early.

Youngsters frolic in park, flock to garden

A gang of kids toured the garden Wednesday. They were in their threes, maybe late twos, with maybe one 4-year-old, according to the mom I asked.

The six or seven of them had gathered around one mother sitting 30 feet to our northeast, then went down to pick bouquets of wildflowers along the park fence, and then came over to the garden.

The kids came by themselves at first, engaging in conversation with each other, though eventually, a few moms finally came by as well to supervise. It was good to see them!

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