Location, Size and Layout

garden locationLocation and Size

The garden is located near the southern corner of Robbins Farm Park, on the gentle slope below the children's playground. This area of the park was chosen due to its relatively low use, reasonable grade, and accessibility to water and parking.

The initial pilot garden in 2010 was 25' x 40'. In 2011, the garden size was expanded to 30' x 68' to accommodate more visitors and a greater variety of crops. Standard snow fence encloses the garden area.

Water is provided from a lockable yard hydrant in the southwest corner of the garden.

Garden Layout

garden layoutThe layout of the garden has been designed to achieve a number of goals:

  • to have everything within easy reach for planting, weeding and harvesting
  • to allow easy viewing of the entire garden from outside the fence 
  • to be aesthetically attractive, with clear signage to identify the crops 
  • to be welcoming for visitors, allowing comfortable access for many people at once.