kale — emerging forms

Our homegrown seedlings are one month old as of last Saturday. We planted two types  of kale as seed and a third as already grown seedlings from Waltham Fields. The first packet of seeds filled almost two rows which are growing the more familiar green kale. Whereas at three weeks its small leaves were looking certainly lobed, within another 9 days the distinctive ruffled edges are starting to positively billow. The second packet of seeds (also from Seeds of Change) yielded two full rows of plants. This, the lacinato, is also known as dinosaur kale. In its fourth week of growth the leaves only hint at its Paleolithic appearance to be. The third type, Red Russian, that went in as small plants had 'party fronds' to begin with and is waving them higher every day. I can imagine these leaves would make a fine plume for a turn-of-the-century milliner if they weren’t so perishable and tasty.


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