Spined Soldier Bug on Patrol in the Robbins Farm Garden!

On Saturday morning, July 14th, I discovered this 1/4-inch long, light-orange colored bug on the basil.  It proved difficult to photograph, since it really didn't like to stand still.  However Alan, being very patient, finally captured these two shots -- one for close-up detail, and the other with my hand for scale.


After many hours of searching the internet, I am now convinced that what I found is the nymph stage of a type of Stink Bug -- the Spined Soldier Bug, Podisus maculiventris.  While many types of Stink Bugs are exceedingly damaging to many food crops in the U.S., this particular bug is actually beneficial because it's a predator.  It kills other insects by literally sucking the life out of them!  

So, this is one of the good guys!  It's a good thing that we don't need to get rid of this bug, as stink bugs are very difficult to control, both organically and conventionally!



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